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(in Polish) Christian Personalism of John Paul II

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Course ID: WT-DTE-WJCH Erasmus code / ISCED: 08.2 / (unknown)
Course title: (unknown) Name in Polish: Christian Personalism of John Paul II
Department: Institute of General Theology
Course groups: Courses at UKSW
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Language: English
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1. A presentation of Karol Wojtyła - John Paul II

2. A Human Person

3. Thomist Personalism

4. The Personalisic Method - Thomism and Phenomenology

5. Person and Act

6. Subjectivity and Subjectivism

7. A Theology of the Body

8. Subjectivity and the irreducible in man

9. The Personalistic norm (principle)

10. The Person - Subject and Community

11. Participation and Community

12. A Person and a Nation


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